Since inception Majestic International Spice has focused on providing the highest quality herbs and spices for serious consumers at competitive prices. The company has continued to abide to an extreme commitment to quality and customer service.

We specialize in everything from Sauces, Flavorings, Soup Bases, Gravies, Extracts, Spices, Seasoning Blends and more. All of Majestic International Spice products are certified Kosher and upon request we'll provide certification for any or all products. As an additional service we can also provide bacteria treatment.

With 4 locations in the US, (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Detroit and Boston) we have been able to provide our customers with timely deliveries.

With a purchasing power spanning over 25 countries Majestic International Spice Corporation is able to offer the best selection of food ingredients at very competitive prices.

Our seasonings and house blends are manufactured in-house utilizing state of the art equipment which ensures timeliness and superior quality. We provide food ingredients to major foodservice establishments and commercial customers worldwide. We work carefully with our customers to develop solutions that meet their unique needs

At Majestic International Spice, we enforce strict quality control measures throughout all of our processes and repackaging procedures, we look forward to providing our customers with the highest quality products that are competitively priced with the very best customer service in the industry.